Amazon – Denver Lookup Script

In the simplest case, the Amazon – Denver lookup Greasemonkey script will, when looking at a book on Amazon, will perform a lookup of that book within the Denver library and put a link on the page, just under the item title and author, to go to the item. See the image for what this looks like:

If the item is not found, it will search the Prospector site for the item to see if it’s available for inter-library loan. Failing that, it will search Worldcat to see if available there.

To install, first you need to install Greasemonkey.

After that, then click the “Install” button on the Amazon – Denver Lookup Script page. After installation, the Greasemonkey manage user scripts dialog (Tools->Greasemonkey->Manager User Scripts) should look something like this:


3 thoughts on “Amazon – Denver Lookup Script

  1. Robert Weissfeld says:

    I followed step 1 and 2, restarting firefox between them. I cannot find the reference in step 3 “In your Firefox browser, click on the menu Tools -> Install User Script”
    That is not a choice under tools, or under Tools>greasemonkey There is a “manage user script” choice there, and it adds*, but the Amazon functionality is still missing.
    Also, you probably know already, the DenverLibPlus 0.7 is not valid for FF3.6

    1. Oh, and as to DenverLibPlus: unfortunately, the new version has been in limbo for a long time. It seems the Mozilla folks would like a test login in order to test it and approve it for the addons site, which the library doesn’t seem to have – at least for third parties.

      If you’d like, I can send you the .xpi file and you can install it that way.

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